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Gladiator leather gloves, Gladiator steel knuckle motorcycle leather gloves, Stainless Steel gloves




Way more comfortable than you'd think, stainless steel riveted protection, high quality construction topped off with looks that make Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert jealous.

These are better than the similar-looking once offered by another company and are 50% cheaper.

They're Baaaaaack! The Borg never gave up, and neither do these. The metal knuckle look is coming to get you. These gloves seem even badder now than they ever before

These gloves are made with 1 mm "Grade A" cowhide, which does seem on the thick side and, I assume, have superior protective powers combined with their supple feel.

Another millimeter of the stuff covers the palm and also the grip wear point under the thumb and forefinger, and there's plenty more sewn on the backs of the fingers and over the wrists. These other layers hold the riveted stainless steel metal pieces, which are reminiscent of skid plates on an SUV, and about as big.

The gauntlets are lined and big enough to fit over the thickest leather jackets I could find. The gloves also have a separate leather cuff riveted on the back, with two sections, connected by metal loops, that fold down on each side and around the bottom of the wrist to wrap things up.

These sections connect under the wrist with hook-and-loop, one over the other. This gives the critical area under the wrist three separate layers of leather protection.

  • Color: Black
  • Cow leather
  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Soft & supple
  • Large gauntlets.
  • Smart Fitting
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • RETURN/EXCHANGE Hassle Free 30 days Policy
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
Item # 16738
Price = $59.95 - S
Price = $59.95 - M
Price = $59.95 - L
Price = $59.95 - XL
Price = $59.95 - 2XL
Price = $59.95 - 3XL
Price = $59.95 - 4XL

Latest Customer Reviews

Roderick H from Atlanta GA
They are great. The looks are very cool and the quality seems pretty good. I like that the seams are all on the outside, nice touch. On the weather factor, they seem like they should stand up well. The materials are pretty tough feeling and looking.
David G from Catawissa PA
I like having something substantial on my hands for a change. I also noticed that, properly cinched up, they were rather secure, and extremely flexible. Is it worth the price? Id say so. Just look at the amount of work and materials that went into making these! The number of pieces and construction steps is amazing if you know anything about leather and metal work, or even basic sewing.
Patrick K from WHEELING, IL
These gloves are fun to have. Even off the bike. Extremely comfortable.
John H from DELANCO, NJ
I love these gloves, I have been riding with them for about six months, every day, and they are holding up better than I thought they would. They are very comfortable, provides loads of protection and have that extra bling factor.


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