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# 21822 Bike denim chap lightweight - Blue


Biker denim chaps are great for any biker enthusiast. Our chaps features a 16 ounce washed denim fabric of 100% cotton. Machine washable.
  • Color: Blue, Covered Zippers  
  • Denim cloth - 100% cotton
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Zippers
  • Stainless Steel Snaps and Other Hardware
  • Single Pocket on Thigh, Heavy Rot-Proof Stitching 
  • Fully Adjustable Belt, Laced Back Panel for Waist Adjustment
  • Four Snaps on Each Leg, Boot Cut
  • Cut or Hem As Necessary, Workmanship Guaranteed!


Item # 21822
Blue Denim Biker Chap
Price = $39.00 - (3XS) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (2XS) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (XS) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (S) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (M) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (L) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (XL) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (2XL) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (3XL) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (4XL) = Not in Stock
Price = $39.00 - (5XL) = Not in Stock

All we need is your Thigh measurement. You can always cut to fit length of chap. Waist is also adjustable from back & front belt. Please follow picture while taking your measurement to ensure correct size.

Thigh: Measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing, usually a few inches down from your crotch seam

3XS = 18 inch
2XS = 19 inch
XS = 20 inch
S = 21 inch
M = 22 inch
L = 23 inch
XL = 24 inch
2XL = 25 inch
3XL = 26 inch
4XL = 27 inch
5XL = 28 inch

Customer Reviews:

Denim Chap *****

Perfect for summer riding. Fits great. Great product

Rhonda H - Augusta, GA


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