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Men's Classic Side

Men Basic Motorcycle Leather Vest side lace with Conceal Carry Gun pockets on both sides

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Good looking Classic denim vest, comfortable and huge inside pockets with elastic band thing to hold arm.. Great price and fast shipping..

Joe M

Joe M

Del Rio, Texas

My club vest just arrived after only 3 days transit and I was extremely pleased with the quality. This exactly what I was looking for. Its simple, well stitched, good construction and materials.
I ordered a larger size to go over my riding gear and it was perfect. Am considering ordering a second one in a smaller size to just wear around. FIVE STARS all the way!!




I love these gloves, I have been riding with them for about six months, every day, and they are holding up better than I thought they would. They are very comfortable, provides loads of protection and have that extra bling factor.

John H

John H


I bought your 10206T leather motorcycle jacket last August, and it helped save my life in April. I was doing 60 in the left freeway lane in heavy traffic when a car pulled in front of me, saw two police cars in the left shoulder, and promptly slammed on its brakes. I had to brake so hard I laid down my bike. For the next few seconds, I was skipping down the freeway like a rock. That would look bad enough as it is, but I am 41 years old and weigh about 350 lbs, so it was pretty violent. Thanks to my heavy leather jacket from Dynamic Leather, I didn't get a single scrape to my torso or arms. The jacket barely looks scuffed (a coat of black shoe polish and you'd never know). Now three months later, my 6 broken ribs have healed, my wife and three kids have their husband/dad back, and thanks to heavy-duty
gear like my Dynamic Leather jacket, I have no permanent injuries.

Ben S

Ben S

San Antonio TX